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Play Scary Maze Game Prank And Other Exciting And Addicting Games Which Can Change Your Mood.

Best Scary Maze Game Prank

If you are a gamer, you might have tried a couple of video games downloadable over the Internet. But this time, there is a whole new world of gaming that offers you a different kind of excitement and adventure as you discover by yourself the way out from a scariest prank maze.

A newly developed video game today is Scary Maze game. It is designed to give the player a thrilling experience out of discovering the world of scary creatures trapped in the maze. This must be one of the hottest games available in the web. If you are someone who is short tempered, then definitely, the game will help you manage your patience and skills as you will encounter a series of challenges along the way. While you are busy looking for the way out you do not have any idea what awaits you outside.

Scary Maze Game 1

On the second version, you will have to roll the ball to get it out of the maze. You can only complete all the levels if you did not touch the sides. Compared to the previous version, this one has five levels that will offer you great music as you play.
The fourth version is quite more interesting and challenging because of the design.It looks like a real horror maze house that will sock your feet off.  After completing the five levels, you can say if you did well in the game or not.The sixth version of scary maze game offers 6 new features that make it more thrilling. The same objective applies wherein you have to go over the maze while guiding the ball. There are new mazes to pass through such as the S-shaped maze, curvy, M-shaped, loopy and many more. To proceed to the 7th version, you have to succeed on this. Be careful not to touch the sides because you will have to re-start. Meanwhile, on the 7th version, the features of the previous version are even enhanced and maximized. The best thing about the change is that the graphics are improved wherein moving objects are added such as twinkling stars.The improved graphics offered a better user experience on the game. Each level in this version, offers you an exciting way to improve your strategies in playing the game. The most interesting level is the second one wherein it is similar as that of Mario Brothers. Take careful steps as you have to keep distance from the moving poisonous mushroom. Never dare to walk on top of them if you don’t want to start from the top.Keep your eye open as the 8th version becomes more fulfilling. It is like the adventures of our favorite superhero. Here, you will guide a heroic warrior to reach the end of the maze in the fastest possible manner. Once he accidentally touched the sides, he will automatically explode. While getting to your goal, you have to gather as many little red dots as possible along the way. The 9th version is like the adventures of heroic sea creatures because the maze is set under the sea. You will encounter sea monsters and other sea creatures while you are on your way to reaching the end of the maze. The last version is the newest version of Scary Maze game. It is set in land more like a forest wherein you will help the monkey locate the bananas hidden in the maze. Once you turn the speakers on, you will be amazed to hear real monkey sound as they eat the bananas.

Meanwhile, on the third version, you will encounter cute mouse trapped in the maze that you will manipulate to get the end of the maze to get the prize. This is challenging on the player to accompany the mouse reach the end. More then 1000+ Unblocked Games

Pokemon Games And Their Characters Which Won The Hearts Of Millions

Who’s That Pokemon is very amazing game for real lover of Pokemon. If you are one of them then you will be able to play this amazing flash game. Refresh your memory about the 251 Pokemon characters in existence. To win in the Who’s That Pokemon game, you must have the ability to remember all the Pokemon characteristics and names. Remember the good and bad Pokemon, the sleepy ones, the huge and bulky types, the flying Pokemon, the insects, and everything else on the list. At first, the game is very simple. But you have to be more careful in the succeeding levels.

Pokemon games Online

There are three levels in the Whos That Pokemon game. First is the novice level, where the characters are very easy to recognize. The second is the good trainer level where the characters are on their different hiding positions. The third is the master trainer level. This level is the combination of all the levels. The characters here are coming out in silhouette image.Well we have some top collection of free top baby games online.

The Who’s That Pokemon game screen is divided into three parts. The first division is where the character silhouette would appear. The second division is where the choices are listed. The third division is where Pikachu and Bulbasaur are talking. If you know all of the Pokemon, you might find the game boring. But, it gets a little bit exciting in the later part because the Pokemon are not seen as clearly like before. And Bulbasaur will distract you on your guess. The Who’s That Pokemon game is fun and very recommended to be played with your friends.

What Makes Fire Boy And Water Girl Game More Special.

As you guys already play lot of online games like Mario , super smash flash and many others but you need some break because today we are going to reveal awesome game.Yes Now Play Fire boy & Water Girl Game and help this Guy to reach the destination otherwise you will trap inside pipes .You need to make proper strategy before starting this game because you dedication is important and key to success in to make small sketch on the paper before any movement.So This make easy for your brain to make proper direction in the game.

Fireboy and Watergirl 12 3 4 5

Band Of Hero’s : The Test Of Your Character And Rivalry Of How To Get Your Land Back.

Band of heroes is a fighting game. It was developed by ‘Lolapps’. This game is WWII-inspired RPG game, where you have to play as a member of an elite squad heroic soldiers who are striving for victory. You also have to pull together your squad and put on a brave face as you battle your way through the war-wracked landscape. Moreover, you have to choose your weapons wisely and you cannot leave a man behind!

images (9)
This game consists of various features and modes. In this game, Battle mode of this game allows you to fight against other players. These players are in the same level range as you are. A player can earn money and experience points by battling.There are two types of battles in this game. In this game, the defensive battles are subroutine and they generally occur when a player is offline. The players are updated of all offline events when they return to the game while the offensive battle are initiated by the player.

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This game also consist an amazing feature known as ‘The Combat Formula’. The combat formula works based on the attack and the defense power of all active squad members. The amount of squad members you can effectively bring into battle is directly associated with the level of the player initiating the attack. The combat formula also brings into account the equipment of all squad members. The combat formula works similarly for both of the offensive and defensive sides. Although it is unclear how the combat formula works precisely since occasionally players may find them consistently defeated by an opponent with a lower defensive rating, than the attacking player’s attack rating.

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Another amazing feature of this game is ‘Resources’. Resources are the upgrades that you can purchase in order to increase the strength of your army and squad. Certain missions require the purchase of resources. There are six types of resources that can be upgraded ten times by a player. These are listed as follow;
Command HQ
Air / Sea
Seeking to feasibility of the players a place is created where the players can stock up. This place is known as ‘’ Depot ‘’. Here the players can stock up their inventory. In the depot, the players can purchase weapons, gear, vehicles, side-arms, boosts, refills and contraband. Here the players can also purchase the daily specials in the depot.You can play endless running online game the one and only subway surfers online for free.

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